Health Insurance Sucks in the USA

Health Insurance Sucks in the USA

It should totally cover third-leg attachments and heightening surgery. Note: this video is not made to support socialism, though some of the passersby might suggest it as a solution. K?
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  1. Unfortunately, there has to be stipulations and rules.. do I agree with everything that the insurance companies do? Of course not.. but if individuals could go around and have every single procedure covered.. where would that get us?

  2. socialism sounds good on paper, but it does NOT work! Do you fellow Americans really want the government to mess up yet another thing by running our individual health care?!!
    EVERY AMERICAN has “free” health care for what tha’s worth. The Hospital CANNOT turn you away for a serious surgery. Sure, you may have to pay $5 a month on a million dollar bill for the remainder of your life, BUT we’re ALL gonna die owing something to somebody.
    “Free Health Care” does NOT exist.

  3. What are we as Americans to do? In Canada and England they pay higher taxes, so either way, it comes out of the workers paycheck. Also, we have better health care. So we pay for a better service, they pay for a slightly lesser one. They can cap out too from what I gather. 85 yrs old needs a surgery, and only so many are allowed for the year, or there is a 24 yr old who needs the same surgery what do they do? The grass is NOT greener, folks.

  4. @09Brant yeah they donate money to congressmen and other leaders which then persuades them to write legislation that makes it easier for the companies to extort patients for profit.

  5. @jeAh7 I agree 100%. Something MUST be done about Healthcare years ago. I heard, however that the Pharmecuetical (forgive y spelling) companies run the government anyway, soon the world. There is gonna be some serious stuff coming down in a few years. Serious, dangerous stuff.

  6. @09Brant I never said that Canada should be the system we model. And of course I’m not going to move to Canada. America is my home and I’d rather see it change than just move to another nation. Im just always amazed at how politicians (under the bidding of their corporate donors) can persuade the populace to NOT give them affordable healthcare. To blame the poor and working class for the country’s financial ills. Its amazing how backwards we are.

  7. @pluto4847 its hard not to, most of the people that complain about shit like this work like maybe 7-8 hour shifts, and refuse to work weekends, etc. and yet complain as if its “their right” to have full health care.

  8. @SatansMullet then dont get hurt. fuck people that think hard working citizens should pay for their lazy, unemployed asses. you get injured with public health care, you will never be aided for at least a year. you will wait in line for at least 3-5 hours, you will get an x-ray, and most likely not get an MRI, etc. you will still pay for it in your taxes, and the more you make a year, the more you pay. you will also get the same benefits and treatment as a homeless crack addict. great, right?

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  16. The health system in America is second only to Japan, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain and the rest of Europe. But at least it’s better than Paraguay!

  17. @jeAh7
    look, I completely agree that there is NO good reason why the USA does not have some type of health care system. But, I assure you…the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I mean would you up and quit a job, pack up the car; family and move to Canada because of their supposed “free” healthcare?

  18. @09Brant
    A claim can very well be denied even if its” within” the policy because insurance companies hire people who specialize in finding reasons to deny a claim. And of course you’ve talked to Canadians and Brits who don’t like their system. No system is perfect but many are far better than ours. Just look at where we rank in healthcare. We can pay for healthcare for every citizen but we rather spend that $ invading brown countries than on our own citizens.

  19. @jeAh7
    lol, I’d rather have a choice than no choice which is similar to what they have. Also, I do have this “freedom” to choose my own health plan. A claim can’t be “denied” if I choose one and stay within the policy procedure I’m supposed to.
    Look, it sucks either way. As an American, there is NO reason why a health care system should not have been implemented decades ago. However, I have spoken to Canadians and British people alike who out-and-out told me, their health care sucks too?

  20. @jeAh7 if the whole area wasnt regulated up to fuck basically locking the market to any new competition then when companies got a reputation as being stingy nobody would go with them, and at the end of the day you can say what you want but you got no right to take other peoples wealth to fund things you think are good, what they do with it is for them to decide. ever made a voluntary tax payment?

  21. @ImEuanAndIGotsSkeelz
    The problem with that is that the free market is not good for everything. Health care is one of them. Because of the fact that insurance companies exist t make a profit they make a profit in the health care field by denying claims and trying to insure people who are already healthy. Millions of Americans are uninsured and millions are underinsured. To hell with this free market bullshit. every american should be covered!

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