Health Insurance Companies

Health Insurance Companies

2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader answers a question about the role of health insurance companies in his national heath care plan. From the Open the Debates super rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 4, 2008. Video by Karen Kilroy –
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Health insurance can be confusing. HMO? PPO? EPO? What does it all mean? Get the basics in this video! More info:
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  1. If you’ve known the work of this man for 3 or more decades, and his tutorial demonstration of Critical Thinking Skills to us all, what must he think about us in the 4th quarter of his life?

    He always makes big corporations, politicians and greed the Boogyman. Not the American voter. Not the unregistered Americans. Not the 30% turnouts on election days.

    How does he keep caring for a nation and not point out our own failures? There is only one Ralph. We have him. And we squandered him.

  2. 1. REPUBLICANS ARE EVIL. Two massive tax cuts for the VERY RICH under Bush which were NOT paid for. 2. They ran up EIGHT TRILLION OF DEBT! When Clinton left office we had a surplus (ZERO DEBT). 3. They spend A TRILLION on the Iraq war TO DATE. 4. They DON’T want to give healthcare to the citizens in the RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD under a plan that IS PAID FOR. 5. Republicans ALSO used reconcilation! 6. They perpetuate FEAR MONGERING AND SCARE TACTICS. THEY ARE EVIL AND DISGUST ME!

  3. Evil insurance corps’ influence over the entire medical – legal system is clear all accross Canada where critically injured patient claimants with significant insurance interests are systematically prevented compensation, early/any diagnosis and treatment and subject to medical – legal attrition, malpractice and malfeasance.
    Such injuries only do well if caught early; the prescription of highly addictive pain medication causes them to become chronic/fatal. An insidious/inevitable death sentence.

  4. Politics; Interesting.

    Healthcare Discussions; Fascinating

    Obama getting ready to stick a big one right up the asses of the insurance companies….PRICELESS.

  5. All Insurance Companies CEOs HAVE EXCELLENT HEALTH INSURANCE & can afford it. Agreed?

    All Senators in Congress HAVE EXCELLENT HEALTH INSURANCE & can afford it. Agreed?

    Republicans don’t care if YOU the Teabagger/Birther/Deather have a GOOD PLAN or not … or if YOU have NO INSURANCE because YOU cannot afford it !!

    Only in AMERICA would a dumbass consumer protest against REFORM & PUBLIC OPTION and in doing so .. PROTEST AGAINST HIS OWN BEST INTEREST !!


  6. God bless you Ralph!

    Rock star! The only one who’s talking it straight — again!

    You’ve only just begun to help the nation. Keep the faith, brother.

  7. wow, you took the words of my mouth….that is exactly what is going on, one thing that we all need to see is that “Insurance Companies” are a business, they look out after their money not the people paying into it or the sick for that matter

  8. Insurance is the problem, they are middle-men who add no value to your Health Care. There are great savings to be had if we concentrate on providing health care, and spend less money on the paper-shufflers.

  9. Today @ the Town Hall meeting a lady had Cancer and a Tumor Pres.Obama said he would help ! I was sprayed with malithion for 7 yrs in Tn and The Dept of Human Services say’s I dont Qualify like the lady today ! PLEASE HELP ME SLAO MR PRESIDENT I am only 46 yrs young I dont want to DIE !HR 676 Now!

  10. I have a question….why can we not pay insurance coverage under a government program that is cheaper to begin with and all be covered, no gaps and no denial for previous medical issues? My point is I am willing to pay for insurance as long as I am covered, I hate that bull copay and on top of it only covers 80% so…I think the Government can help its people…why not this way?

  11. I am worked for Obama but I gave Nader money because he needs to keep talking. He speaks the truth as only someone who does not expect to be elected can. He worked in Washington for years and knows exactly how it works.

    Nader is the real deal. An honorable man. Watch “An Unreasonable Man” and you too will be a Nader fan.

  12. Nader would make a great President. As far as all these predatory private health insurance companies goes. Well, they’re just a bi product of the corrupted predatory, unregulated capitalist system. They need to go. They’re obsolete. They’re a detriment to society as a whole.

  13. Is this really how the American system works? I’ve heard stories of how insurance companies revoke coverage if a patient/client dares make a claim. A business model for health care profits doesn’t help the people, it helps the shareholders.

    American health care is supposed to be the best quality in the world, but what use is it if the people who need it in an emergency or patients in poor physical condition can’t get it without ridiculous monetary costs and risk of loss of insurance coverage?

  14. “Annual checkup” … ha! That’s a good one.

    A new pacer is at least a $100,000 operation (probably more). Just to -live-. No insurance companies cover this, as a pre-existing. To pay for it oneself is to enslave oneself to a loan payoff.

    So basically, unless I opt for this state of semi-slavery, or move out of the USA, I’m fucked. Thanks USA.

  15. Then move! Universal Health Care is socialism and we won’t miss you one bit. Believing what Michael Moore says in his mock-umentaries doesn’t really give you a lot of clout at the intellectual table.

  16. Watch Sicko, that is the real state of health insurance in the US. I’d rather be in France, UK or Canada where I won’t be paying anything, even for a visit to a doctor.

  17. Good points, I agree. The worry I have is that if the IT companies cave, it is easier for the government to impose it on all companies. That would be terrible. Especially because all companies have not benefits from sops from the government.

    The IT companies may make the trade off, you are right, but they will, in the long run, shoot themselves in the foot by doing so.

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