Groups Protest Health Insurance heavyweights

Groups Protest Health Insurance heavyweights

This piece was produced in collaboration with the Huffington Post. Arthur Delaney, The Huffington Post: Congressman Eric Massa (DN.Y.) led a protest Monday outside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington, site of the 2009 national conference in America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), a trade group for health insurance industry. “We are not radical, we are not a fringe element!” shouted Massa, who has chosen not to use the bullhorn provided by protest organizers. “We are the 48 million Americans who can not access health care today!” To read the full article:
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Health insurance is confusing enough without trying to navigate the dark waters of terms like deductible, copay and coinsurance. More at:
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31 Replies to “Groups Protest Health Insurance heavyweights”

  1. Health Insurance must be Government.

    Nevada Insurance: 10 Million people x $35month

    New York Insurance: 25 Million x $35 month

    California Insurance: 30 Million x $35 month

    Texas Insurance: 20 Million x $35 month

    Kansas Insurance: 15 Million x $35month

    Colorado Insurance: 20 Million x $35 month

    South Carolina Insurance: 15 Milion x $35

    Et Cetera.

  2. It’s funny how people think that universal health care is communist. I guess if that is communist, taxes are too! What many people don’t understand is that these companies are almost as big as the government themselves and as corrupt. Go make your own electricity and fresh water and live truly independent if you think that government healthcare is communist. I guess we Canadians are communist too, eh! Be happy for free healthcare, North Korea probably doesn’t even have healthcare anyways.

  3. Isn’t it funny that nobody ever mentions the Communist Terrorist State of Israel and their “wonderful” MANDATORY guvmint health care system. With their income tax rates of 50%, and NO CHOICE, who in their right, freedom loving mind would want to be treated like cattle????

  4. Anyone who thinks the present system is good must have never been sick, once they get sick (and it will happen) they will see just how bad the system is. Also ask any Canadian if they would switch with America.

  5. jfouratt calls folks greedy and selfish and blind, then admits doing so is a cheap shot. jfouratt really says nothing, just spouts ideology. jfouratt is not really worth paying any more attention to..

  6. Uninformed men say stupid things when they do not think about community rather than their own self center needs …needs I would suggest that unless they belong to that extremely small group of wealthy people .. real wealth … will seriously affect them when they begin to deal with a health crises ans what it costs the average citizen..

  7. Greed and selfishness are un-American ….. We all can learn fron the European models of health care and make our own US version. Name calling is a cheap shot … and unless those people here commenting belong to the millionaire class they are being blinded to the reality of their and their neighbors health insurance empending crisis.

  8. text and without a seeming understanding that some people are profiting off keeping the average joe, jane, Juan, LaToya and Mei Woo frombeing able to know that their families will be provided the necessary quality health care when their family finds themselves dealing with a health issue.

  9. Because they are so blinded by their ideology that facts and reasonable arguments that disagree with them don’t register with them. I saw one single payer advocate saying something like “the health care insurance industry is making 117% profit compared to 5% for the S&P”. Never mind that “117% profit” is mathematically impossible and the health care insurance profits average the same as the S&P at 5%…. You can only say something that stupid if you are blinded by your ideology.

  10. that’s what I can’t get some to see. Local taxs are mostly for local property owners, not the whole nation. They would really be paying high taxs if the fed taxs for local fire and police. the if their local payed in more, they would still get less, after the governmnet and their “robinhood plans”.

  11. And of course, there goes the privacy of your medical records. One the government holds them they’ll never need a subpeona to get them. Oh, but right, the government never, ever, abuses their power, right?

  12. No kidding, Angleboot, and these people want to put the people responsible for this budget in control of healthcare? lol, the the sky is the limit! Of course the government can make it look like your health care is cheaper, they just defer the cost to your grandkid’s grandkids!

  13. Re third party, I already said insurance was a third party, what’s your point?

    Um, NoelleTs, the police and fire are not national programs but local. Not all localities handle then the same way. Some don’t even have them. And even if they were socialized at the national level, are you really trying to make the argument that if we have one socialized agency then we should have no objection to making any other socialized? i.e. Once we let one in, we may as well become a fully socialist country?

  14. BULLSHIT!!! just since Obama been in office taxs have gone up on just about everything. 22 new deparments of government have been open. How are we going to pay for that,NEW TAXS!!
    the governmet will charge a tax just to bring the troops home.

  15. Hey dingbat if you reduced the budget for the DEPT of WAR by 25% and applied the amount to pay for universal health care, everyone in the USA would be covered without raising taxes.

    THEY R only $30.00, so take a break from BEER, or WEED, and FOCUS, plus…you can clip your own fingernails and buy ummm…VINEGAR or Baby Powder.

  17. The USA has the … “BEST SPECIALISTS” … but our Health Care System stinks and is ranked as the Low 37th on a World Scale !! It’s like saying “THE USA WON THE MOST GOLD MEDALS IN THE OLYMPICS … SO THE ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULATION IS MADE OF TOP ATHLETES !!
    When in reality we have an overweight & sick …(cancer~heart diseases~diabetic)… population, compared to other nations. Don’t buy into the Right-Wing propaganda. See My profile for ways to contact your representative. Thanks.

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