Cigna Health Denies My 17yr Old Sister’s Insurance Claim

Cigna Health Denies My 17yr Old Sister’s Insurance Claim

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  1. Why didn’t the hospital do the liver transplant? Did they do it? If they didn’t then they are just as liable for this death! I find it hypocritical to claim that Insurance carriers need to pay all claims regardless of the situation but the medical provider is never held accountable. The hospital could have lowered their costs as well! Why aren’t they held accountable? They are allowed to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for these medical services and that is OK!

  2. i have CIGNA & im getting told they are using 2nd & 3rd party 4 assesments 4 coverage{to save cost}{FOR WHO}all i know is a C-rep told me cut backs was affecting coverage}my dr ordered a MRI as im disabled & it was denied by a 2nd party medical director WHO DOES NOT TREAT ME stated i had to take PT {DEAR GOD im DISABLED}& now i have to fight 4-2 MRIs,i jus had a year ago?2 open an appeal will take 90-180 days by then ill be in worse shape~this is holding me hostage~I FEEL VIOLATED~LOTS OF HASSLE

  3. And the Cigna CEO retired with a 70million dollar golden parachute; that would have been enough to pay for several hundred liver transplants for nataline. :

  4. All health insurances are nothing but a profit-making business. They don’t care about NO one. The scumbag CEOs are making sure get a piece of the pie. Afterall, it’s the only way for these useless scumbags to pay for their big mansions.

  5. After I saw what insurance did to him, what America allowed to let happen, I left the country and I wont come back. Not to a place that lets its people suffer and die when they dont have to.

  6. Our country is so immoral that it even allows this to happen. My uncle has non hodgkins lymphoma. He had insurance but ran out of it. Now after living a upper middle class life from hard work all his life, he is dying in a tiny travel trailor he parks outside the hospital. He lost his home, cars, savings. Everytime he needs chemo, he doesnt know how he will pay for it.

  7. Corporations are driven by greed. Their CEOs are only interested in getting rich. Insurance companies don’t care about us, unless they don’t receive ours payment checks. They spend more money on advertising than they do saving seriously ill people that are insured with them.

  8. i disagree

    i can say its not their fault she died. because its not, but denying a child a liver transplant when she needed is a big mistake CIGNA can make. she had a 65% chance to live. yes they should have granted that to her. but these health companies these days are bogus because theyll kill anyone off just so they can keep money in their pockets. its a shame.

  9. yes you are right that disease killed her it wasnt the company, but they are still at fault because they denied her. thats not fair at all. CIGNA told the family that the transplant is not medically necessary…explain to me how they are not wrong.

  10. Exactly… you know what would happen…even if the family won a huge lawsuit and Cigna paid out.. they’d just raise the cost of insurance to pay for the suit and the CEO would continue to collect his 73 million! It’s all a bunch of bullshit…and it’s criminal. Until the government stops allowing this kind of business, we’re all powerless

  11. She was murdered.  Plain and simple murder by design. CIGNA is a murderer. This family should own CIGNA. Why aren’t there lawyers clamoring to sue these weasels? It’s funny that one of the huge talking points of the Reicht Wing weasels of the RepubliCants is TORT REFORM. This tort reform is supposed to keep people from suing in exactly this situation. Tort Reform for more profits for corrupt and criminal scum like the murderers at CIGNA.

  12. It is so sad that this happens but in America elections are not decided by intelligent people they are decided by idiot who don’t bother to read or look for the truth but wait for that 30sec sound bite and talking heads on radio and tv. That is why we always get the wrong people in office and policies like this remain. As long as we keep looking at tv and listening to raido for information this will never stop.

  13. You are an idiot. Its stupid people like you that continue to fight against your own best interests. I for one am tired of your stupidity ruining OUR country. Get a brain, or else shut up and let the rest of us run the country~!!!!!

  14. We cannot have let her die in vein, do not forget this girl. She is a martyr, a symbol of the war we are in against big money and a Republican party hell bent on doing everything possible, including fear mongering, lying, etc. to make sure we lose this fight. DO NOT FORGET THIS GIRL.

  15. Blue Dog Max Baucus has received $2,797,381 from the health sector and $1,170,313 from the insurance sector. Ummm? Does that tell you anything? I am going to every Max video, and every health care reform video on YouTube and getting this out there! Please do write, email, fax, or call his office to make sure that he understands that we will expose him totally if he does not get on board here!

  16. Universal Health with Single Payer is the answer. To say no to that is to say YES to more deaths like this. She should not have died. She died because of opposition to Universal Healthcare with Single Payer.

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