Treat Your Symptoms With These Acid Reflux Remedies

Treat Your Symptoms With These Acid Reflux Remedies

There are millions of Americans who would love to have some acid reflux remedies. This article “Treat Your Symptoms With These Acid Reflux Remedies” offers some options. There are additional links to acid reflux remedies resources at the end of this article.

Drug Health Review Acid Reflux Remedies
Drug Health Review Acid Reflux Remedies


Acid reflux is a really common health problem related to the back flow of stomach acid into the esophagus and throat. It additionally indicates the inconvenience felt due to the pouring out of food and acid into the esophagus of the alimentary canal. This splashing leads to undesirable side effects such as heartburn and chest discomfort. Furthermore, excessive pain can sometimes be misunderstood as a heart attack. These constant acid reflux problems could lead to ulceration, hemorrhaging and also esophagal cancer.

There are a few ways to clear up this problem. Below are a few natural acid reflux remedies you might want to try:

1. Take time to evaluate the food you eat. Living enzymes in foods are excellent preventive measures for heartburn, while sugars and processed foods produce an imbalance in the pH level of your stomach.

2. A person will need to get a sufficient level of vitamin D from exposure to the sun. The existence of vitamin D in the body will help in the production of a minimum of 200 antimicrobial proteins. These kinds of compounds eliminate the chance of getting unwelcome infections and diseases.

3. Consider one of the following compounds in the elimination of acid reflux: baking soda, pure aloe vera juice or raw, organic apple cider vinegar before eating meals. Just blend one spoonful of any of these substances in a glass of water.

Chewing gum is among the natural acid reflux remedies you might check out. There is no harm in chewing gum any time the need arises. In fact, chewing gum offers a lot of added benefits which include:

a. Increase in saliva production

One of the causes of acid reflux is a reduced production of saliva. Also, sufficient production of saliva aids digestion. However, mint flavored gum isn’t advisable.

b. Boost the pH of the saliva

Gum boosts the pH value of your saliva, consequently improving its buffering capacity and digestive function.

c. Improvement in esophagal and pharyngeal pH

The esophagal and pharyngeal ph is vital as it serves as a buffering agent for stomach acid.

Yet another remedy for acid reflux that’s proven is sleeping on your left side or by raising half of your body up. That will help keep your stomach level below your esophagus and throat in case of back flow of stomach acid. Eat reduced quantities of food each meal; additional food eaten will mean more acid creation. On top of that, look at not eating meals before bedtime. An additional solution is altering your lifestyle. For instance, tighter clothing across the abdomen or gaining weight heightens the danger of a heartburn attack.

If after making use of all of the natural acid reflux remedies the condition remains, you should consider some of the medicines being prescribed for relief.

1. The best way in reducing the gastric acid secretion is with proton pump inhibitors. These particular medications typically control, or even stop, the creation of stomach acid.

2. Antacids, which are normally used before eating, can raise the pH level of gastric acids, so back flow is prevented.

There are many additional medicines that could help to reduce the production of stomach acid thus prevent acid reflux. Find time to seek the advice of a doctor for proper treatment.

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